Hands On Feet

Press Coverage

“Rosanna is a genius.” Tatler

“She’s one of London’s star reflexologists – just one session with her can leave the stressed out, over worked and up tight feeling positively laid back and carefree.” Harpers and Queen

“Rosanna Bickerton, who trained fully in Chinese and Western forms of reflexology, is the opposite of a light weight: she is sparklingly intelligent as well as practical.” Saturday Telegraph

What you notice during a session with the charmingly perspicacious Bickerton is that she can send even the most thought-addled brain into delicous shutdown.” Anna Murphy, Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine

“An excellent feel good therapy.” The London Magazine

“The effect on me was remarkable: soothing, relaxing and stress busting. The treatment left me light headed and grinning, and I still felt great 24 hours later, despite a series of frustrating meetings.” Mayfair Times

“At the end, I feel so relaxed that I want nothing more than to go to bed. Whether you believe it or not, Rosanna does seem to have some mystical power to relax you entirely.” London Evening Standard

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