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Reflexology in pregnancy

Reflexology may be safely used throughout pregnancy; indeed, most Mothers-to-be find it very beneficial. I take a medical history before starting the treatment to ensure that it is appropriate for you.

Recent studies have shown that regular reflexology thoughout pregnancy significantly reduced both the time in the first stage of labour and the pain through out it (1). A second study showed that reflexology improved the quality of sleep in post natal women. (2)

Whilst there are risks throughout pregnancy, in the first trimester there is a higher risk of miscarriage. However there is no evidence to show that reflexology causes miscarriages. Indeed, some reflexologists say it is effective for those women with a history of miscarriage.

Reflexologists work with caution with some medical conditions e.g. multiple pregnancies. Information should be given before you arrive for your first appointment. Providing mother and baby are ready and well, reflexology can be used to facilitate labour; this is common practice in China. Sessions should commence at least 6 weeks prior to term and be received weekly until due date; only then can a ‘priming for labour’ treatment be given.


I am convinced that my weekly reflexology sessions before and during my pregnancy helped with the recovery after the birth of my son” Evelina


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