Hands On Feet


Loren agreed to be a case study for me while I was studying Nerve Reflexology. She had been struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since her teenage years. She didn’t notice any improvement immediately but after the second treatment her tummy was less bloated and it felt calmer. The IBS got progressively better so that after two months she felt she didn’t have a problem at all! In addition, dancing injuries to her hip and lower back reduced, her periods regulated and the treatments gave her the mental clarity and strength of mind to change jobs and overcome issues around food. Her boyfriend is pleased too, after starting Nerve Reflexology she is now no longer car sick so they can travel further afield for weekends.

“The reflexology sessions with Rosanna are better at relieving my neck and shoulder tensions than physiotherapy.” Emiko

I have been having reflexology sessions for many years and enjoyed the benefits of my monthly treatments. Two years after my heart bypass surgery Rosanna started treating me with Nerve Reflexology on my feet. The surgery had left me with tightness across my chest, upper arms and neck. Nerve points released the tension in the muscles and my chest area felt more open after just one treatment. The improvement was so noticeable that I was able to play tennis again. After three sessions I had no pain in my neck and my head could turn more easily, in fact, I had forgotten all about the problems! My work colleagues noticed that I was standing ‘taller’ and my posture felt better. Certainly my work as a dental hygienist was much easier after just two treatments.” Michele, dental hygienist, London

“When I first came to Rosanna I had been suffering with rsi-related pains in my right shoulder, arm, hand and fingers for a couple of years. The problem was deep rooted and aggravated by years of bad posture and sitting at a desk. The pain was making my job increasingly difficult and also impacting on my quality of life outside of work. Over a number of sessions with Rosanna I began to see a significant improvement, with both the intensity and duration of pain decreasing. Alongside the pain relief the Nerve Reflexology has offered me, I’ve also found the treatment relaxing and of benefit in easing the stresses and tensions of everyday life. I am now able to continue my job, with rsi successfully managed by Rosanna’s expert care.” Jane, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

“I came to see Rosanna late in 2011 with stabbing pains in my joints, my hands and feet and strange hypersensitive skin around my groin area. I have been going to the doctor for the past year with no joy and was starting to get quite depressed. After the first session with Rosanna the joint pains pretty much disappeared and after five or six appointments I am feeling fantastic. I have not had any reoccuring pains in my joints and sensitive skin feelings have not returned. On top of that the nights after my sessions with Rosanna I sleep like a baby! I can honestly say I have never had such restful and solid sleep. Plus the sessions themselves are such a treat – an hour of the most wonderful foot and nerve point massage. Wonderful. I have recommended Rosanna to all my friends and family.” Kate, brand manager, London

“Rosanna has been treating my MS symptoms since January 2010 and each time I feel I have increased mobility and less numbness. The relief is short term and so I need to see Rosanna about every three weeks. It is a one and a half hour drive to get to the treatment so I would only still be using reflexology  if I really thought it was assisting in fighting the affects of this disease. Last week I visited Rosanna and mentioned I had toothache – this could have been trigeminal neuralgia or a bad tooth. By the time I got home the pain had gone but I still attended my dentist appointment in case the pain returned later. The dentist confirmed that there was nothing wrong with my teeth so I can only believe that Rosanna’s reflexology was responsible for ridding me of the pain.” Camilla, with Multiple Sclerosis

“Nerve reflexology really helped the lower back pain that came on after lifting a heavy bag of soil, it was so much better after my first treatment, and then I started lifting again!” Olli, pianist

“My right hand and 5th finger became swollen and painful after using secateurs to remove ivy in my garden and also after long periods of using my computer mouse. I told Rosanna and she used Nerve Reflexology which helped reduce the swelling and pain after just one treatment. Another time, I was unable to move as my back went into spasm after lifting tiles in a DIY store. Rosanna made a home visit and began Nerve Reflexology on my feet. After a short time I was able to stand and walk upstairs to lie on th bed for her to continue treatment. Nerve Reflexology managed the severe pain which prescribed drugs were simply unable to do. I feel very lucky to have been referred to Rosanna and have subsequently recommended her to my daughter and friends for treatment.” Patricia, public relations, London



“My general well being is definitely enhanced by regular reflexology with Rosanna. I leave treatments feeling a couple of inches higher and colds and other minor bugs go much more swiftly” Hugh, CEO, London

“My husband passed away 18 months ago resulting in periods of emotional upheaval and distress, regular reflexology has helped greatly to reduce these periods of unhappiness.” Patricia, PR

“I have been a patient of Rosanna’s for about 15 years. After suffering from a number of health issues including stress I was introduced to Rosanna’s expertise in reflexology. She is a very special person doing a very special type of Chinese reflexology. Having sampled a number of reflexologists during my travels around the world, I can say without question that she is a true professional with a real knowledge of her discipline and has turned my health around.” Charles, property consultant, London

“I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus (EBV, glandular fever) and was referred to Rosanna by my GP for reflexology. My energy levels fluctuated, I had frequent sore throats, high temperature and swollen glands. After my first Chinese Reflexology treatment I had more energyand felt amazing. By my sixth session my symptoms had reduced and I felt back to my normal self. In addition my menopausal hot flushes reduced. I have continued to go to reflexology and have been amazed. On several occasions I have been suffering from a severe migraine when I arrived for my appointment. By the end of my treatment the migraine has completely disappeared and I have got off the bed cured.” Patricia, wine PR

“I was referred to Rosanna at Hands On Feet by my GP having been diagnosed with glandular fever which is a condition that conventional medicine cannot treat. Working with Rosanna to relieve the associated fatigue and anxiety was very rewarding and I felt much more able to face the world and to continue work. Over time I have seen Rosanna for the relief of anxiety and for relaxation which aided me when I gave up smoking.” Angela, photographers’ agent, London

“Following a car crash, I started having reflexology to help with whiplash to my neck. I went weekly for four weeks and found reflexology eased my pain and discomfort. My physiotherapist commented that my injury was recovering very much faster than normal and she couldn’t understand why! In addition, bronchitis that I had suffered from every November to March for the previous seventeen years did not present and over the following 6 years of treatment I remained bronchitis-free. It was only when I moved to Spain and ceased reflexology that it returned. I also found that winter depression that came annually with the bronchitis and lack of sunlight was much, much less thanks to my regular reflexology sessions.” Rose, property consultant, Spain

“I was recommended to Rosanna by a friend following several years of recurrent miscarriage. I tried all sorts of alternative therapies, you name it – I tried it, but after a few treatments with Rosanna, I realised reflexology was the one for me. Not only did it relax me from what at the time was a very stressful work life, but it became my weekly sanctuary. My body was in a bad way when I started my treatment, with excessively high stress levels and hormonal imbalance, but we did see improvement over time, physically and mentally. Rosanna saw me through miscarriage, work highs and lows and then eventually through a healthy (and successful) pregnancy – I am sure she was the trigger for my labour! Not only do I believe in the health and emotional aspects of reflexology, I believe wholeheartedly in Rosanna, whose spirit, personality and experience is second to none. In fact, she is the only reflexologist I trust.” Ali, designer, now resident in Australia

“I got diagnosed with shingles just months after my 34th birthday and it hit me really hard. I was ‘out of action’ for over 6 weeks (not much fun when you are self-employed). The recovery was very slow, I felt I had no energy left and no medicine was able to help with this. My Mum suggested reflexology (my mother is Danish and reflexology is highly regarded by many health care professionals there and even funded up to 80% by the State if the patient if referred by his/her GP) and at that stage I was willing to try anything to feel better! When I walked out of  Rosanna’s treatment room after my first treatment, I could literally feel the ‘fog’ lift and my energy reserves starting to fill up again. And after just two more treatments I was skipping home from my treatments. My husband and friends were amazed at this quick turnaround and Rosanna is now my first port of call whenever I need an immune boost. The fact that she has a scientific background and training, as well as being a highly professional and intelligent woman made me trust her straight away and I do believe this also played a large role in my quick return to health. Thank you Rosanna for being so good at what you do!” Rikke Hansen, career consultant, London

“Rosanna helped me with improving the quality of my sleep which had deteriorated after having had my three children. She also gave my immune system a real boost, I am never ill any more – bugs affecting my children or husband just never seem to affect me any more which is great! Rosanna has a gentle approach to treating her patients and really is very knowledgeable in her field.” Delphine, London 

“Reflexology plays a key role in my striving for a general state of good, positive wellbeing. Stress relief, management and working in collaboration with my physiotherapist and chiropractor in an effort to create stronger core stability, is a very rewarding outcome of my sessions with Rosanna. Her Chinese Reflexology technique provides a wonderful complement to a happy, healthy life!” Lesley, advertising consultant, London

“I am frequently surprised at the results Rosanna’s reflexology treatments achieve with some of my patients. I have no idea how it works or how she does it, but the results are amazing. Whether it is pain relief, alleviating the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, anxiety, headaches or unexplained random minor health problems, the Chinese or Nerve Reflexology sort most of them out. Most recently, seeing an MS patient walk into my practice without her walking stick the morning after her first reflexology session with Rosanna was very moving. It is not such a great surprise; she is very well studied and experienced in her field. Her calm but vibrant energy is healing in itself.” Dr. Peter King-Lewis, GP, London

I have received reflexology treatments over many years, and when practised well, have found it immensely therapeutic. Rosanna Bickerton is the best practitioner in the UK I have been fortunate to find. Her treatment combines the best of both worlds: she is extremely professional and is immaculate in appearance, but at the same time imparts an atmosphere of calm and intelligence whilst undergoing the reflexology one feels a combination of stimulation of circulation, digestion and muscle relaxation along with  a wonderful feeling of total relaxation of the mind. I leave feeling truly revived yet incredibly calm.” Ann, London



“My energy levels are better and I am less moody. My husband likes that!” Georgina

With her empathy, kindness and skill, Rosanna has been a real asset on helping my health get back on track following surgery.” Janet, make up artist, London

“I have enjoyed the foot reflexology regularly but found it essential through two pregnancies. Aside from all the health benefits, Rosanna has a remarkably soothing touch which makes hte sessions throroughly enjoyable and relaxing. Highly recommended!” Sarah, singer, London

“I am convinced that my weekly reflexology sessions before and during my pregnancy helped with the recovery after the birth of my son.” Evelina

I started working with Rosanna in July 2011 after hearing excellent reports about her work and results in reflexology. I relish every session with Rosanna and always come away feeling re-energised and completely rebalanced. Her work has helped me identify and resolve both physical and emotional areas that were previously restricting my performance, and after six months I achieved my best result to date at our National Championships in December. I came 5th in the Senior Women and 1st in the horse riding.” Caroline Nickerson,  full-time Modern Pentathlete (fencing, swimming, running, riding and shooting)

“I find that reflexology helps to maintain one’s general health, especially in boosting hte immune system. If I have regular reflexology sessions with Rosanna, I never catch a cold even if I’ve been exposed to various cold viruses. If I’ve not had a reflexology treatment during the cold season, I’ve always come down with a heavy cold. I also feel more centred after every session with Rosanna.” Emiko, now living in the US

“Like many women in their mid thirties trying for a first baby I was finding it a frustrating (why am I not getting pregnant) and saddening (will I ever get pregnant) process. After about a year of trying with no success a friend recommended I visit Rosanna as it had helped her. Within a few months we did conceive. I continued to see Rosanna throughout the pregnancy, which went very smoothly with hardly any of the expected discomforts. Even the delivery was very straightforward. I do believe a great deal of the ease of my pregnancy and even delivery was thanks to the ‘fine tuning’ Rosanna had done in the time I was visiting her. I returned to have further treatments with Rosanna up to and during my second pregnancy with the same results. There is no doubt in my mind that the right kind of reflexology puts the body in the best possible state to get through both the conception and pregnancy process. If nothing else – Rosanna’s treatments kept me calm, relaxed and feeling good throughout. I would also recommend treatments for relaxation and to treat symptoms of stress –  as is necessary after children, as before!” Henriette, new Mummy, London

Aemil, aged 6 weeks old, came in with his Mother for one of her regular reflexology sessions. He was struggling with colic and feeding every 3 hours so I showed his Mummy where to work on his feet; the colic cleared quickly and he instantly moved on to 4 hourly feeds


“I went for my first DYT  session with Rosanna for help with my clicking and painful jaw. I had fallen in the kitchen several years earlier and cracked the side of my skull, behind my ear. After my accident my jaw clicked constantly and became worse when eating. I was in constant pain on a daily basis. Following my first treatment the clicking and pain reduced considerably and both went completely after my third session…….no pain anymore and no medication.” Trina, Centre Manager, Private Medical Practice

“Daoyin Tao, the most effective treatment I know for total relaxation. I leave every session feeling completely chilled, any anxieties melt away.” Sarah Lawson, Physio Remedies, London

“Daoyin Tao has stripped me of all stress and left me feeling the same way as two months on gardening leave.” Damian, after his third session

“I find the relaxing effects are immediate – the treatment leaves me feeling refreshed and energised so I can get on with my busy day.” Mina, Pilates teacher

“I enter an altered state of consciousness, it is so deeply de-stressing.” Joanne, dental hygienist